Fares to be collected soon on Leamington to Windsor bus

BlackburnNews.com file photo of the inside of a Transit Windsor bus.

Not this coming Monday, but on Monday, October 19, the bus travelling between Windsor and Leamington will start collecting cash fares only.

It will also start allowing passengers to enter through the front door.

Since service restarted last month, passengers have been riding for free and boarding through the back door.

The fare is $10 one-way, or $15 for a round trip.

Passengers should note that drivers do not carry cash, so they cannot make change, and overpayments will not be reimbursed.

Transit Windsor will also start collecting fares again on October 19. After almost eight months of rear-door boarding, passengers will start entering through the front door on that day.

Masks are mandatory on both the bus in Windsor and the service between the city and Leamington.