Lag in COVID-19 test turn around

Nasal swabs in test tubes. File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / ayo88.

If you are waiting for your COVID-19 test results you will likely be waiting at least two days.

According to the Windsor Essex County Health Unit, over the last seven days, an average of 700 people a day have been tested for the virus in the region. Using that average, about 25 per cent of people will see their results in one day while the rest are waiting up to two.

“This past week we have seen that the turnaround time to receive the test results is taking a bit longer,” said CEO and Chief Nursing Officer Theresa Marentette.

Marentette said this can cause some delays in contact tracing but should not cause further spread of the virus.

“Those that have been tested and they have had a high-risk exposure or they’re symptomatic, they are to remain in isolation pending their test results,” said Marentette.

On Thursday, the health unit reported three new cases of COVID-19. Two of the cases were close contacts of a confirmed case and one case is connected to the agri-farm sector. There are now 80 active cases in the community and three people are in hospital.