UFO sightings down for second year in a row

© Can Stock Photo / andreacrisante

On the evening of August 2 last year, a Londoner reported a transparent craft over the city. The witnesses said the ship had doors, windows, and lights.

Ufology Research, which records reports across Canada, said it was the second UFO sighting in London that evening and the fourth in Southwestern Ontario.

It has released its report for 2019, and while August 2 was a busy night for those who believe, the number of sightings across Canada dropped off for the second year in a row. There were 849 UFO sightings last year, the lowest number since 2009. In 2018, there were 937. Reports peaked in 2012 with 1,982, the highest in 40 years.

London had 18 UFO sightings last year and was the seventh most active city in the country for sightings. There were also sightings in Woodstock, St. Thomas, Strathroy, and two in Aylmer.

Montreal had the most activity in an urban centre with 46 reports. Overall, Quebec accounted for 35 per cent of sightings in 2019.

In Chatham, one of the four reports said a bright object moved away at an extreme speed before stopping and speeding away again. That was on November 6.

Wallaceburg, Wheatley and Walpole Island are also mentioned in the report.

There was just one sighting in Windsor-Essex, known in past years for bizarre alien activity. On October 13, a triangular ship with lights hovered over the witness. Not quite as exciting as a report from Tecumseh in 2016, where a pair of sunglasses apparently disappeared through a rip in spacetime.