Windsorites come together for a miracle

Over 10,000 volunteers help sort and collect food donations across Windsor-Essex for the June 27 Miracle. June, 27, 2020. (File photo courtesy of Darrin Drouillard)

Organizers were pleasantly overwhelmed by the community’s response with food donations for the June 27 Miracle.

The event which took place Saturday afternoon quickly gained attention throughout the region over the past month. More than 10,000 volunteers rallied together to help collect non-perishable food from the front doors of houses all across Windsor and Essex County.

Champion Products helped contribute to the initiative with a food donation of over $40,000. On Friday, FCA Canada donated $12,000 worth of food.

Following the charity’s success, organizers said they are thankful for the support and hope to make the event an annual occurrence. Drop-off depots across the county are overflowing with food donations which will take days to sort through. In the coming days, more volunteers will be required to help get the food to those who need it.

Residents with donations that were missed can contact volunteers through the organization’s website.¬†Anyone interested in volunteering can¬†stop by The WFCU Centre where protective equipment will be provided.