Bridge to Bridge closes in on fundraising goal for Windsor Regional Hospital

Chelsea Viselli, one of four women who will run Bridge to Bridge Saturday. (Photo courtesy of Josh Horan)

Since the start of May, Josh Horan has been raising money to help Windsor Regional Hospital during the pandemic. On Saturday, he will have the help of four local women.

Starting at 9 a.m., Milica Kulidzan, Kristy Ireland, Joanne De Luca, and Chelsea Viselli will run in a relay from the Ambassador Bridge to the bridge in Belle River.

The four are all members of the Running Factory.

Next Saturday, another member of the running factory will make the trek, Kyle McCamon.

Over the past six weeks, Horan has recruited the help of many in Windsor-Essex.

Before his own Bridge to Bridge Marathon, Horan had never run more than a few kilometres consecutively, but he completed the 32 km feat.

The route is just eight kilometres shy of a marathon.

Horan began his journey with the goal of spreading positivity and eventually raising $10,000 for Windsor Regional Hospital. So far, Bridge to Bridge has raised $9,317 and could reach his goal by the end of the month.