Two provinces, two territories report all COVID-19 cases resolved

File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / remains

There may be more than 80,000 cases of COVID-19 across Canada, but an epidemiological report from Public Health Canada says all the patients in four jurisdictions have made a full recovery.

Ontario is not one of those jurisdictions. With a caseload of 23,774 patients as of Thursday morning, 18,190 have recovered, which is about 77 per cent. Ontario has the second-highest number of cases in the country behind Quebec, which has the lowest recovery rate in Canada. Only 28 per cent of the 44,197 patients are clear of the virus.

The report’s national overview said 100 per cent of cases in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories are resolved.  There have been no new cases in those four jurisdictions or Newfoundland-Labrador in seven days.

Those jurisdictions have had far fewer cases than hard-hit Ontario and Quebec. There were just five cases in The Northwest Territories since the start of the pandemic, and Yukon only had 11. New Brunswick has recorded a total of 120, and there were 27 in Prince Edward Island.

Two other provinces are very close to resolving their entire caseload too. In Nova Scotia, 92 per cent of its 1,044 patients are now virus-free. In Newfoundland-Labrador, 96 per cent of the 260 patients with the virus have recovered.

Nunavut has yet to record a single case of COVID-19.

On Wednesday, Ontario had 390 tests come back positive, a slight increase over Tuesday, but the number of tests conducted has fallen below 10,000 for the past couple of days. The rate of testing is significant because public health officials have identified widespread testing and contact tracing as crucial to keeping COVID-19 in check as the economy slowly begins to open.

Public health officials have urged Canadians to continue to adhere to social distancing measures, especially in public, to ward off a second wave of the virus.

Across the country, just over half of all cases, 40,342 have resolved.