Wanted: children’s artwork to decorate field hospital in Windsor

The field hospital at Windsor Regional Hospital. (Photo provided by Windsor Regional Hospital)

The head of the Essex Windsor EMS has a unique project for kids this weekend if they want to help fight the pandemic, creating artwork for the field hospital at the Sportsplex at St. Clair College in Windsor.

Bruce Krauter got the idea while touring the field hospital a few days ago, and Windsor Regional Hospital supports it.

“They’re not the most inviting places,” said the chief. “They’re just small. They’re stark. There’s no windows.”

The 100-bed field hospital has been taking COVID-19 positive residents from Heron Terrace this past week, and because of social distancing, they can not have visitors.

Krauter figured some artwork would help cheer the patients and staff.

“You know, if they did some artwork of a spring scene, whether it’s flowers and sunshine or birds or whatever — just to make it bright and fun for the field hospital,” he said.

He put out the challenge to the families of EMS workers this week during a teleconference meeting, updating the workers and their loved ones about developments in the pandemic.

He said he is still working out the logistics, but if parents want to email the EMS, they may be able to pick the artwork up. Its email address is at the bottom of the EMS page on the Essex County website.

“We’re somewhat mobile being an EMS service. So, if we know where they’re at, and they leave it in their mailbox, we can stop by and pick it up if they have it in an envelope or a bag,” said Krauter. “We’ll get it. We’ll get it to the field hospital.”