Canada Post asks for help during pandemic

Canada Post mail boxes

Bet you have never considered your mailbox as a vector for disease.

The Canadian Postal Workers Union is asking Canadians to wash and disinfect their mailbox daily. That, along with handrails and doorknobs.

The union is asking for help during the pandemic to keep their mail carriers safe from COVID-19.

A status report on the union’s website said it had demanded health and safety measures, including personal protective equipment, as the confirmed cases of the virus continue to grow across the country.

“Postal workers touch a lot more surfaces and objects in a workday than most people,” it read. “We must, therefore, continue to push for better access to personal protective equipment to mitigate the risk.”

Canada Post is also asking people to maintain social distancing.

“During delivery to your home: please keep the door closed when our employees are delivering mail and parcels, and avoid personally greeting them,” read a statement on its website.

Dog owners are asked not to allow their pets to approach carriers.

“The number of interactions between our employees and dogs has been increasing. This makes it difficult to adhere to physical distancing when owners need to retrieve their dogs,” it said.