Minister Dunlop visits Windsor

Minister Jill Dunlop visits the The Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women, March 12, 2020. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Ontario’s Associate Minister of Children and Women’s Issues left Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women feeling inspired Thursday morning.

Jill Dunlop visited Windsor to see how some government funding is being used in the community. Dunlop said its very touching to hear the stories of new immigrant women in Canada.

“They really do build new friends and family and that support system that will give them that confidence and the work skills to go out into the labour market,” said Dunlop.

She spoke with employees working at Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women about the challenges they face when offering support in the community.

“When I was talking to some of the front line workers we were talking about issues that I would say are red tape related,” said Dunlop. “They’re going to many different ministries for all different funding streams and how can we help to make that easier so that we can be spending their time with the clients.”

Dunlop also visited Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. and the Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society while in Windsor.