UWindsor conference engages youth on climate change

University of Windsor Welcome Centre, June 26, 2019. Blackburn News file photo.

The University of Windsor is hosting students from across the province this weekend to discuss municipal climate change policy.

The conference is being funded in part through a $125,000 grant from the federal government’s Climate Action Fund.

“We would not have been able to do this without the funding that we’re receiving from the federal government. it will allow us to put on a series of events, engaging different members of the community and really to have an impact across Ontario,” said Anneke Smit Associate Professor at the University of Windsor.

The conference aims to teach youth how to engage with municipal government.

“What we would hope is that we end with a more engaged populace that youth and other community builders feel that they are better aware of the role that cities play in terms of mitigating the affects of climate change and in terms of a broader understanding of what municipal politics is all about,” said Smit.

Around 140 students will take part in the four-day conference that includes guest speakers and workshops.