Volunteers brave the cold for ‘Rough Night Out’ fundraiser

Windsor Residence for Young Men volunteers bundle up for a good cause. (Photo courtesy of Brian Worrall)

Supporters of the Windsor Residence for Young Men (WRYM) bundled up for its ‘Rough Night Out’ fundraiser that helps bring awareness to homeless youth.

This year’s volunteers were “sleeping rough.” They endured freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall for over 14 hours on Friday evening on an industrial parking lot near St. Luke Road in Windsor.

Donors sponsored individual volunteers, and others dropped by to show support.

The attendees were dressed for the weather, with friends and support services at hand, drawing attention to the tragic circumstances that homeless youth face.

“Sometimes you’re homeless because you don’t have that many friends who want to take you in. Then, it’s loneliness on top of it. The mental component, the anguish, is equally as devastating as the physical destruction and this is what we are trying to prevent for our youth.” said Greg Goulin, the volunteer Executive Director of WRYM.

The annual fundraiser is in its third year. The total number of pledges for this year’s fundraiser came in at $7,325, surpassing last years total of $5,000.

The residence provides young men between the ages of 16 – 24  with a supportive home, individual counselling, and basic life skills. Youths with potential are diverted from the streets to reconnect with their community, education and employment.

WRYMs 2019 statistics show an average 95% success rate over the past three years. Since its opening in 2012, WRYM has helped more than 330 youths to build new lives.

For more information about Windsor Residence for Young Men, visit www.wrym.ca