Windsor to consider e-scooter pilot project this week

© Can Stock Photo / CrispyPhotos

A committee at Windsor City Hall will consider taking part in Ontario’s e-scooter pilot project.

A report to the Environment, Transportation and Public Safety Standing Committee Wednesday recommends city council amend the bylaws to allow e-scooters on roads with a speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour or less.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens appeared to show support for e-scooters in a recent blog post.

The post, titled “The Time is Right for E-Scooters,” said, “Stand-up electric scooters will give our residents an alternative choice of transportation that ticks off too many boxes to ignore.”

Dilkens cited the cost of buying e-scooters, their suitability for short-distance travel, and energy-efficiency.

“There’s a lot to like about e-scooters,” he wrote.

Riders will have to be at least 16-years-old, and wear a helmet at least until they are 18.

The report does not recommend them on some multi-use trails, mainly those that run alongside roads with a higher speed limit. However, the administration does not think they should be allowed in city parks or along the riverfront trail.

City council has discussed the possibility of a bike-sharing program, and it is possible e-scooters could be included in any future initiatives.

Vijay Thanigasalam, the parliamentary assistant to the Transportation Minister, announced the five-year pilot project in November, saying, “it will give people a new, clean, and green way to get from point A to point B in their communities.”

The pilot project opened on January 1.