Essex offering 2020 dog licences

Minnie, a two-year-old, is seen at Essex Town Hall on January 17, 2020. Photo provided by Town of Essex.

Essex residents can now get that licence for Fido or Fifi.

Dog tags for 2020 can now be purchased at two locations within the town, at Essex Town Hall and the Harrow and South Colchester Community Centre. Those wishing to obtain tags at the community centre are asked to phone ahead to check availability and avoid a wasted trip.

If you already have a licenced dog, you should have received an invoice in the mail this month. For new dog owners, all animals six months of age or older are required to have a tag.

The sooner you get your tags, the better. Before April 1, the cost is $15 a tag for dogs that have been neutered or spayed and $25 for unspayed or unneutered animals. After April 1, the price will go up to $30 and $50, respectively. Be sure to bring documentation of spaying or neutering to ensure you get the lower rate.

The Town of Essex is also reminding residents that the municipal bylaw allows for only three dogs per household. Animals can not be chained or tethered for longer than four hours at a time. Drivers are also not permitted to drive with a dog unrestrained in the back bad of an open pickup truck or to leave a dog in a vehicle when it is too hot or too cold.

Tags are no longer available at the Computer Centre in Harrow.

Complete information on dog tags and Essex’s animal bylaws can be found at the town’s official website.