Teen saves father’s life with CPR

Turki Ayash presented with a life saving certificate after saving his father's life with CPR, December 18, 2019. (photo by Maureen Revait)

A 17-year-old is being credited for saving his father’s life after he administered CPR while his father was having a heart attack.

Turki Ayash took CPR training during his health class at Catholic Central High School. Just two days later that training was put to the test when his father experienced a heart attack at home. Ayash administered chest compressions while his mother called 911.

“I really don’t know how I did this thing. I was shocked, I thought he was dead,” said Ayash.

EMS paramedics who attended the call say the chest compressions helped to save Ahmed Ayash’s life.

“Because of Turki’s actions of giving CPR very early and early recognition of what was going on, that’s what saved Turki’s father’s life,” said EMS Chief Bruce Krauter. “The quicker you can get on the chest and provide chest compressions to a person who’s suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, the better the response rate of survivability is.”

Ahmed spent several weeks in hospital but has since returned to normal life.

Ayash was given a certificate from the Windsor-Essex EMS and his health teacher Jalil Khoury said he would be receiving an A+ in health class.

Ayash said he was thinking about pursuing a career in engineering but after this experience may consider being a paramedic or police officer.