Masse says water contamination needs investigation

Windsor-West MP Brian Masse urges Ojibway Shores protection, September 10, 2019. Photo by Maureen Revait

MP Brian Masse is looking for immediate action after learning of a dock collapse in Michigan that led to the spill of many contaminants in the Detroit River.

The dock collapsed at a former munitions site that once held radioactive materials.

“We’re not sure the degree of the contamination that has taken place. There are short term and long term consequences,” said Masse.

Masse sat down with Jonathan Wilkinson, the minister of the Environment and Climate Change, to urge him to activate a study by the International Joint Commission.

“I’ve asked for the minister to intervene because we need a binational response. The water doesn’t understand boundaries and it’s important for our drinking capacity and also for our environmental protection,” said Masse.

The IJC’s role is to manage and protect the lake and river systems shared by the two countries. Masse says it has the authority to conduct an investigation only if it is initiated by the minister.