Expansion work on Tecumseh Town Hall begins

Tecumseh Town Hall seen on May 12, 2015. (Photo by Jason Viau.)

Residents of Tecumseh will be seeing some significant changes coming to their town hall.

Preliminary work has begun on a nearly $3 million expansion. The town has hired Elmara Construction to perform the expansion, and as of Monday has started the process of tree removal, site preparation, and erecting fencing along the rear of the building.

Tecumseh’s chief administrative officer, Marg Misek-Evans, said the town is ready for the challenge.

“Progress will depend on the weather, but the project is expected to take eight to 10 months,” said Misek-Evans. “Town business will carry on during that time with temporary accommodations made for some staff and meetings. Any changes to meeting venues will be advertised.”

The expansion, once completed late in 2020, will provide additional space for staff, a bigger council chambers, a self-service kiosk in the Lesperance lobby, a new building maintenance system that is based on green energy, and improved use of natural light. Cameras and audio equipment will also be installed in council chambers to allow the town to begin live-streaming meetings in 2020.

The temporary construction trailer in the parking lot will be moved west of the existing trail off McNorton Street, and the parking lot entrance off McNorton will be fenced off for the delivery of construction materials. Customer service staff currently working in the Lesperance lobby will be temporarily relocated to council chambers.

Mayor Gary McNamara said the time is right to make the expansion.

“When the building was expanded in 2005 we knew it had a life span of 10 years,” said McNamara. “Almost 15 years later we have reached maximum capacity and my council colleagues and I agreed we needed to expand and improve the building for our residents and staff.”

Tecumseh Town Council will hold its next meeting in council chambers as scheduled on Tuesday, December 10. Any changes to the venue regarding public meetings will be passed along via the town’s official website as they are worked out.