Windsor adds yard waste pickup dates

Yard waste bags. (Photo by Adelle Loiselle)

Have you cleaned out your flowerbeds and your yards yet? If not, the city of Windsor has scheduled some more pickup dates.

Due to the unusually-early snowfall this autumn, and a lot of leaves staying on the trees longer than usual, the city has set up an additional pickup date for yard waste collection. One new pickup date has been scheduled for each of the city’s eight¬†collection zones. These pickup dates are as follows.

  • Zone 1A – Tuesday, December 10
  • Zone 2A – Wednesday, December 11,
  • Zone 3A – Thursday, December 12
  • Zone 4A – Friday, December 13
  • Zone 1B – Tuesday, December 17
  • Zone 2B – Wednesday, December 18
  • Zone 3B – Thursday, December 19
  • Zone 4B – Friday, December 20

The zones are marked in the city’s collection calendar. If you don’t know which zone you live in, visit the map on the city’s official website or call 311.

Waste should be placed curbside no later than 6 a.m. on your scheduled pickup day. Yard waste should only be placed in containers such as garbage cans, cardboard boxes, paper waste bags that can be purchased at garden supply or grocery stores, or roll-out carts. Waste placed in plastic garbage bags will not be picked up.

Branches should be cut into pieces that are not longer than four feet, then bundled into groups no more than three feet in diameter.  Branches with thorns or pickers on them should be put into boxes, yard waste bags or pails.