Windsor law students will be temporarily scattered

University of Windsor campus, January 29, 2016. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Law students at the University of Windsor will need to adjust their routines starting next spring.

About 800 U of W Law students, faculty, and staff will be scattered across campus in what will be dubbed “law clusters” beginning with the Spring 2020 semester. This relocation is due to the upcoming renovations of the Ron W. Ianni Law Building.

The plan was announced at a town hall meeting on campus earlier this week by Christopher Waters, dean of the U of W Law School.

“While this kind of dislocation is never easy, the result will make us all proud,” said Waters. “Meanwhile, please be assured that the administrative team, faculty, staff, and student government will work together to ensure that student needs are met throughout the process and that we maintain our strong sense of community.”

The majority of classes will still take place on the main west Windsor campus, particularly at the Odette School of Business, the Neal Education Building, and the Toldo Health and Education Centre.

A law student hub consisting of study and meeting space will likely be set up at the CAW Student Centre, with Student Services, Career Services and Academic Coordinators setting up shop nearby. Faculty and staff will be located in the Winclare Room of Vanier Hall, and the deans’ offices will be located in Lambton Tower. The Lw Library will be temporarily moved to the Leddy Library.

The renovation project is due to begin in the summer of 2020, pending approval by the U of W Board of Governors which may come in January.