Tecumseh quizzing residents in a phone survey

Tecumseh Town Hall, April 11, 2017. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

A select amount of Tecumseh residents are being asked to sound off on issues facing the town.

The town has hired Probe Research Inc. to conduct a random telephone survey of 400 residents, spanning all five of Tecumseh’s roads. Some residents may have received phone calls beginning last week.

Respondents will be asked questions concerning five different topics, such as quality of life, municipal operations and services, top-of-mind issues, communications, and customer service.

Mayor Gary McNamara said the results of these, and other recent surveys have been a big help to the administration as they try to shape future policy.

“The results of three similar surveys that have been conducted since 2014 have assisted council and administration in maintaining a commitment to improved service delivery in all areas,” said McNamara.

Residents are being asked to take the time to answer questions if they receive a call. Those who don’t receive a call, but would still like to participate, can do so by filling out an online survey on the town’s official website.

The survey will be conducted through December 4. A final report on the results will be presented to Tecumseh Town Council, before being provided to residents after the holiday season.