Head of Windsor Minor Hockey Association resigns

Community rink at the WFCU Centre

In a letter sent to local media early Monday morning, the president of the Windsor Minor Hockey Association announced he was stepping down.

The move comes after reports assistant coach Stanley “Trent” Norris was suspended following an investigation by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association into allegations he had been charged criminally in the U.S.

A Windsor Star report said Norris had multiple outstanding warrants in Michigan and a felony conviction in Florida for aggravated assault.

In the letter, Dean LaPierre said he resigned after Executive Vice President Rick Pare was removed in a special board meeting.

“I was followed by five other board members,” wrote LaPierre. “I would not remain the president of the WMHA without Rick Pare as my right-hand man, no matter what the vote would have been regarding me.”

LaPierre served as president of the Association since 1999 and was a board member since 1992. Before that, he was a coach.

“I want to personally thank Mike Koutsonicolas for asking me to coach that winter day in 1986. Without you, Kouts, I don’t volunteer 33 out of my 50 years on this planet,” LaPierre continued.