Walkville students spread kindness

Walkerville students rake up leaves in the neighbourhood, November 8, 2019. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Over 700 Walkerville Collegiate students armed with rakes, leaf blowers and yard waste bags dispersed through the Walkerville community for a random act of kindness.

“We’re raking the neighbourhood. We’ve got a big map, the whole school is going to be out there. Every class got a section of the neighbourhood,” said Joe Benforte, a teacher a Walkerville who helped to organize the event.

They spent Friday morning raking and bagging leaves to help clean up Walkerville.

“Just to kind of go out to the community and show them that we care. This is our area and we want to keep it neat and help out the people with their raking,” said Benforte.

Neighbours helped by leaving out yard waste bags and extra rakes for the students to use.

The RAK Rake was part of a week-long celebration of kindness at the school.