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City opposes application for cannabis retail store

The City of Windsor is taking issue with the location of a proposed cannabis retail store in the city’s downtown core.

The city said on Friday that it has recently received notice from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) that the application has been made by Rose City Cannabis to open a retail store at 545 Ouellette Ave.

Windsor businessman Kyriakos G. Anastasiadis is listed as the applicant for the location. He was chosen through a lottery, which was held by the AGCO back in August, to begin the process of applying for a legal cannabis retail licence.

While Windsor council voted to opt-in to allow brick and mortar pot shops in the city in January 2019, the city said it is opposed to the recent application due to the proposed location on Ouellette Avenue.  The deadline for objections and submissions to the AGCO was Friday.

The proposed location for the cannabis retail store was reviewed by municipal departments and their objections were sent to the AGCO, with the city stating that the location is “not in the public interest.” The full comments submitted to the AGCO by the city can be read by clicking here.

The CEO of the Windsor Essex County Health Unit also opposed the location due to its proximity to an addiction treatment facility (Transition Stability Centre at 755 Ouellette Ave.). The health unit also pointed out that Immaculate Conception Elementary School at 465 Victoria Ave. is only 158 metres away from the store’s proposed location.

The Windsor Police Service was consulted about the location as well, but the police service did not specifically indicate opposition to the store opening at its proposed location. However, Windsor police did indicate that the location could create a number of public safety issues if they are not addressed.

While the city has submitted its objections, the AGCO has the final say in whether the application for the location will be granted.