What’s in a name? For Lakeshore, a lot

The Town of Lakeshore crest sits behind the council table at the municipal building in Belle River. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Lakeshore is considering changing its name. It would not be a big change, but at least one councillor thinks it could have a significant impact.

Linda McKinlay told BlackburnNews.com changing the name from the Town of Lakeshore to the Municipality of Lakeshore would correct a mistake made 20 years ago during amalgamation.

“We were all either townships or municipalities,” she said. “We thought we were coming out as a municipality. When the council of the day came back from Toronto, we were the Town of Lakeshore. It wasn’t until it kind of set in that we realized the implications, and the fact is, you can’t have a town within a town.”

Belle River, Stoney Point, Emeryville, and others within Lakeshore gave up their status and became communities of the Town of Lakeshore. However, McKinlay said there is no legal status of community.

She also said the farmers were not happy because 80 per cent of Lakeshore was rural.

For residents in Wards 1 and 6, the biggest problem has been getting their mail. Residents living near Amy Croft Drive, for example, Canada Post listed their addresses listed in Tecumseh. In Lighthouse Cove, addresses are listed in Tilbury.

A report expected in December is expected to outline the costs, but McKinlay doubts it will be very high. She said the administration could come forward with a bylaw at the same time.

As for residents, it could mean a change in your identification, but she said it would not have to be done right away, just when you regularly renew your driver’s license and health card.