Patillo Road reconstruction coming

Provided by the Town of Lakeshore.

Patillo Road in Lakeshore is getting a makeover thanks in part to the provincial government.

MPP Rick Nicholls announced Wednesday the Town of Lakeshore would get a $4,166,500 grant.

“It’s our industrial area and traffic there has been a huge issue so this is great news,” said Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain.

The project will include expanding the section of Patillo Road south of County Road 22 to the railroad tracks to five lanes.

“It involves going to five lanes, curbs and gutters, stop lights, drainage, it’s a lot. It’s a complete makeover of Patillo Road,” said Bain.

The total project will cost around $13.1 million. It’s expected to start next spring and could take two to three years to complete.