Feds solve Amherstburg’s mysterious dead zone

© Can Stock Photo / mmaxer

The Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Canada has solved a mystery plaguing drivers in an Amherstburg parking lot.

Over the past couple of weeks, parked vehicles in a lot on Sandwich Street have had their alarms go off spontaneously, key fobs have not worked, and some cars have locked on their own.

Soon after it was reported, the ministry put investigators on the case who discovered it was a defective vehicle alarm system.

“The alarm has since been deactivated, and there have been no subsequent reports of interference,” Ministry Spokesman Hans Parmar told BlackburnNews.com in an email.

The mystery also attracted the attention of a local sleuth, Lucas Jones. His hobby is radio frequencies, and his probe led him to believe an FM signal in Detroit was behind the interference.

Key fobs typically operate at a frequency of 315 megahertz, whereas the FM band runs from 88 to 108 megahertz.