Musyj hopeful tribunal does not further delay acute care hospital project

David Musyj, CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital. Photo by Mark Brown/Blackburn News.

When the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal sits down in Windsor City Council Chambers Tuesday morning, it will have the submitted material in front of it, and hear from legal counsel.

The tribunal is charged with deciding if Windsor City Council considered all the relevant information when it rezoned land on County Road 42 for the region’s acute care hospital.

It will not hear from witnesses, and the CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital is hopeful the hearing will not run long.

“It’ll hopefully make the hearing get completed within the three days that are set aside,” said David Musyj. “The concern always is, if they want to hear from witnesses, it could take up a considerable amount of time.”

Musyj said time is something the acute care project does not have if it is to move ahead.

Musyj has always expressed concern any delays in the process could discourage provincial approvals and necessary funding.

“Delay is our enemy with respect to this,” he told reporters outside of a Windsor Regional Hospital board meeting.

The tribunal informed the hospital and the group fighting against the acute care hospital location, Citizens for an Accountable Mega Hospital Planning Process, recently, it would not hear from witnesses.

CAMPP is arguing the location will deny thousands of Windsor residents timely access to healthcare, and that out of date information was used to approve zoning on the property across from Windsor’s airport.

At a hearing last March, the group won participant status for 28 out of 29 applications offering evidence on its behalf.

The tribunal hearing gets underway at 10 a.m. and is scheduled to continue Wednesday and Thursday.