Masse urges Ojibway Shores protection

Windsor-West MP Brian Masse urges Ojibway Shores protection, September 10, 2019. Photo by Maureen Revait

The MP for Windsor-West is urging the government to start the National Urban Park process for Ojibway Shores and surrounding areas before the election is called.

Brian Masse said a few simple signatures are all that is needed to protect hundreds of species throughout the lands.

“We don’t need to have everything all done at once, but first and foremost is to make sure we get Ojibway Shores and we look at that connecting to the other pieces of properties,” said Masse.

The Ojibway Shores land is owned by the federal government but is currently being managed by the Windsor Port Authority. The port authority has long been in negotiations with the City of Windsor to lease or sell the lands, but Masse says the lands are already taxpayer property and should not need to be purchased.

In addition, Masse says after the authority reported $217 million in economic activity over the last year it is clear the Ojibway Shores land is not needed and should be protected.

Masse is calling on the federal government to transfer the land and start the National Urban Park process to protect it along with around 900 acres of other properties, including Spring Garden area, Black Oak Heritage Park area, and the Ojibway Prairie Complex.