Long, hard road finally over for family of Windsor attack victim

Jayden Trudell-Neroda is recovering at home after being assaulted at Herman high school. (Photo courtesy of his mother Kelley Trudell)

The Trudell family finally has some justice.

Jayden Trudell-Neroda’s attackers were sentenced on Wednesday afternoon.

The 15-year-old boy was assaulted by three teens near Herman high school nearly a year ago and suffered a fractured skull. He was sucker-punched, pile-driven on his head and knocked unconscious after the attackers accused him of making derogatory comments.

His mother, Kelley Trudell, posted an update on Facebook that said, “Court is finally over!”

One teen received five months in jail followed by two years probation.

“We got to watch him be led away in handcuffs,” she said. “He is about to be on a long bus ride out of here.”

The second teen received three months in custody and two years probation. The third teen received one-year probation.

“Even though it is not enough time, they GOT time and as sad as that is, it is SOMETHING,” Trudell said.

The youths can’t be named under the law because they’re under 18.

She said the ordeal has been difficult.

“After 11 months, we were finally given some closure today,” she added. “So far, the worst part about court has been listening to a lawyer try and justify why someone almost beat your child to death.”

Jayden turned 15 earlier this month.