Kids create app to help youth navigate mental health system

( file photo by Adelle Loiselle)

Kids working with a group lead by Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare have come up with an app to help kids having a mental health crisis.

It’s called the Be Safe App, and it will help them find the help they need and support them while they navigate the mental health system.

The group, called Youth in Partnership, works to give youth a voice, promote good mental health, and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. It is a partnership between the hospital, the Regional Children’s Centre, Maryvale, Children’s First, and Family Respite Services.

“The biggest thing I have noticed in the youth is personal growth and increased self-esteem,” said Tammy Drazilov with the Regional Children’s Centre. “They are amazed on how we go from concept to completion, and how well all the projects have turned out.”

The app is one of two projects. The other is an online tool called “How’s it growing?” which helps youth learn positive coaching strategies through a personality quiz. It includes questions about self-care, asking for help, coping with emotions, and building boundaries. It also provides users with tips.