Tecumseh now reporting coyote sightings

(File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / rodehi)

You can add Tecumseh to the list of towns that have reported a coyote on the loose.

Several sightings of at least one coyote have been reported in the town, according to a tweet sent out on Thursday. This comes after coyote sightings were reported in LaSalle, one of which involved a coyote killing a dog. In response to an inquiry on Twitter, the town said one sighting was in the area of Amberly Crescent, not far from Lakewood Park.

On its official website, the town has put out a series of tips on how to handle coyotes and other animals. These include making it more difficult for a coyote to be attracted to your home, as well as protecting your pets. Coyotes are nocturnal and tend to be up looking for food and hiding in bushy areas, though people can readily hear them howling if they’re in the vicinity, according to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

A LaSalle woman lost her dog last month in a coyote attack.

The town of Tecumseh does not trap or catch wildlife, according to its tweet.