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Midwife services in Windsor-Essex gets more than $700,000

The Ford government is providing $178 million for midwifery services this year, and more than $700,000 is coming to services in Windsor-Essex.

The Midwifery Collective of Essex County will get $344,016, and the Midwives of Windsor will receive $370,386.  Another $348,489 will go to the Midwives of Chatham-Kent.

The Ontario government is also expanding the scope of practice for midwives so they can prescribe more medication to clients. Culturally appropriate midwife programs for Indigenous clients will be expanded, and midwifery practice groups will be able to update their technology.

“Expanded midwifery services in Ontario are to the benefit of all Ontarians,” said Chrystal Hall of Midwives of Windsor. “We are very pleased to hear more families will have access to midwifery care that promotes health for their future — midwives provide quality, cost-effective care that delivers excellent outcomes.”

Midwives of Windsor has five midwives listed on its website.

The Midwives of Chatham-Kent is one of the oldest midwifery practices operating in Ontario and delivers, on average, 20 per cent of babies born in the county.