Lakeshore bracing for a state of emergency

Town of Lakeshore logo. Photo provided by Town of Lakeshore.

Lakeshore is on the verge of calling a state of emergency due to high water levels on Lake St. Clair.

Record high lake levels are forcing the town to elevate its high water emergency response and move to a state of “Enhanced Activation”, which is a step below “Full Activation” and declaring a state of emergency.

Lakeshore has put emergency services on standby and convened the Municipal Emergency Control Group. The Emergency Control Group will continue assessing whether there is a major danger that could result in serious harm to persons or substantial damage to property as a result of the high water levels.

“Should these conditions materialize, the town will further elevate the emergency response level,” the town said in a news release issued Wednesday afternoon. “Additional road patrols by Lakeshore staff will be used to monitor and visually inspect the shoreline and affected areas including roads, drainage and pumps.”

Water conditions throughout the municipality will also be tracked and assessed.

Sandbags and sand are still available to residents living on the water. The town said it has provided over 80,000 free sandbags to residents to help them protect their homes.

The town encourages residents to adopt Personal Flood Emergency Plans. A guide of the plans can be found on the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority’s website by clicking here.