Windsor is crucial to rebuilding Ontario Liberals

Michael Coteau visits Windsor. June 17, 2019. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

A Toronto area MPP who wants to be the next leader of the Ontario Liberals visited Windsor again.

Michael Coteau brought a message of hope and inclusiveness and said the rest of the province could learn a few things from Windsor.  He said he travelled to Windsor to see what’s working and what’s not because the city is a small sample of what’s going on across the province, good and bad, such as the growing economy and the opioid crisis.

Coteau added if it works here, it will probably work elsewhere in Ontario.

“Understanding what would make Windsor work and how to build a relationship with a municipality in a region like Windsor is really the groundwork necessary for the party to build a relationship right across the province,” said Coteau.

Coteau said he would give municipalities the necessary resources to set up safe injections sites because they save lives.

“If it’s something that’s actually saving lives and preventing death, it’s a no brainer,” he added.

Coteau said he has a great opportunity to build the Liberal party from scratch that’s built from the ground up and reflective of what Ontarians want.

“Really build policy, that truthfully is reflective of what Ontarians want and what people in Windsor want,” Coteau said.

Coteau said he grew up in an area of Toronto very similar to some of Windsor’s struggling neighbourhoods and believes he understands Windsor.

He has been an MPP for 16 years.

The Ontario Liberals will pick a new leader March 7, 2020 following the resignation of Kathleen Wynne on June 7, 2018.