Windsor driver forgets the Detroit Grand Prix is over

Traffic enforcement. (Photo courtesy of WPS)

A speeder in Windsor has been caught doing 96 km/hr over the speed limit.

Police said a 2013 white Audi was spotted going significantly faster than the posted 100 km/hr speed limit on the westbound EC Row Expressway Monday afternoon.

“With the use of a speed detection device, the officer confirmed the vehicle was travelling 196 km/hr,” police said in a news release Tuesday afternoon.

The 24-year-old man from Windsor, who has not been named, is charged with stunt driving. The vehicle has been impounded for seven days and his driver’s licence has also been seized for seven days.

Any person driving more than 50 km/hr over a posted limit is considered to be stunt driving under the Highway Traffic Act.

Fines range from $2,000 to $10,000 upon conviction and a drivers licence can be suspended for up to two years for a first conviction. A maximum of six months in jail is also possible and drivers licences’ can be suspended for up to 10 years for a second conviction within 10 years.

“The safety of our roadways is everyone’s responsibility, so we encourage anyone who identifies problematic traffic issues or behaviours to submit a report,” police added.

Reports can be submitted through the Road Watch program.

Police also want the public to call 911 if they witness driving behaviour that requires immediate emergency response.