Survey says 27 per cent of employers in Windsor plan to hire

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If you are looking for a new job, the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey says the local hiring climate is steady.

The survey said 27 per cent of employers in Windsor-Essex have said they plan to hire this quarter. Only three per cent said they will be laying off workers. Most companies — 70 per cent — expect to maintain their current staffing levels.

“With seasonal variations removed from the data, Windsor’s third quarter Net Employment Outlook of +12 per cent is a five percentage point increase when compared to the previous quarterly Outlook,” said Heather Irvine at ManPower’s office in London. “It is also a three percentage point increase from the Outlook reported during the same time last year.”

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Like employers across the country, ManpowerGroup said companies are still struggling to find talent. More and more they express interest in candidates they can teach. It also means more are moving towards hiring full-time.

The provincial hiring climate is up 12 per cent, as is the national hiring outlook. The survey said 19 per cent of companies across Canada plan to hire, a two percentage point increase from the last quarter.

Employers in public administration report the most upbeat hiring pace, +21 per cent. Transportation and Public Utilities and Finance, Insurance and Real Estate had an outlook of +15 per cent.

Large employers had the most positive hiring plans in the third quarter, with results of +25 per cent. It was 14 per cent for medium-sized organizations, and eight per cent for employers with less than 50 workers.

ManpowerGroup surveyed 1,900 employers across the country.