City changing sandbag distribution

Sandbags to stop flood. (Photo courtesy of ©

As of Thursday, residents who qualify for free sandbags from the City of Windsor will need to call 311 and make an appointment at the sandbag distribution centre.

Appointments will be made Monday to Friday between 6:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Now that the initial surge in demand has been met, the city has decided appointments starting May 23 will be more efficient.

The sandbag distribution centre is at 9410 Little River Rd., just west of the Little River Bridge and the roundabout.

Sandbags are available to residents living along the north side of Riverside Drive along the Detroit River between George Avenue and the Town of Tecumseh border. They will be asked to show proof of address each time they visit the distribution centre.

Anyone who wants to help out at the sandbag distribution centre can call 311 and register using the Call for Volunteers service request.

Water monitoring is expected to continue until at least September because of high water levels and the risk of flooding along riverfront properties. Conditions could change rapidly with either a heavy rain or high winds.