Striking nurses collecting diapers for Downtown Mission

Diapers collected through a drive by striking public health nurses are shown on March 14, 2019. Photo by Mark Brown/Blackburn News.

Local public health nurses are using their time on the picket line to help mothers and young children.

Members of the Ontario Nurses Association (ONA), which represents nurses with the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, are collecting bundles of diapers and other baby supplies as part of their Time For a Change initiative. The items collected will benefit the Downtown Mission.

As nurses continued to walk a picket line across Erie Street near the health unit around noon Thursday, several folding cribs set up near a gas station were already filled with boxes of diapers and other baby supplies.

Some of the striking nurses are involved with the WECHU’s Healthy Families program, which has been put on hold during the strike, so the ONA is hoping that their energy will be directed to those in need at the Downtown Mission.

Mission spokesman Jim Douglas tells that the diapers and baby supplies will be used in their Food Bank, which provides them to families using the program.

The general public is welcome to donate diapers and baby supplies, which will be taken at the corner of Ouellette Avenue and Erie Street West from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday. At that time, the nurses will deliver their donation to the Mission.