‘I’m not stopping’ says owner of raided pot store

The Compassion House calls itself a source for compassion products. Photo from Facebook.

A cannabis store operating illegally in Windsor has been raided by police again.

The Compassion House on Tecumseh Road near Church Street was closed by officers on Thursday afternoon, just four months after the last police raid.

“Compassion House gets raided today by the joint task force. Cost to taxpayers?” posted owner and local pot activist Leo Lucier on his Facebook page shortly after the raid. “Cannabis is legal as the air we breath and now these orders came from the Liberals legal lies and enforcement came from the Ontario Conservatives, things just got political.”

Wyatt Slogan, 22 of Windsor, and Terry Pargelen, 30 of Windsor, were charged with possession for the purpose of selling, contrary to the Cannabis Act.

The Compassion House was busted November 6, 2018 for allegedly selling marijuana out of its storefront. Police said five people were arrested and boxes of pot were removed for evidence.

“I have a license from the province to operate a compassion club for medical use of cannabis, until a judge says another wise I’m not stopping,” he added after the most recent raid.

Lucier turned himself in November 7 and said he’d gladly serve jail time if it meant standing up for what he felt was right.

The only way to buy cannabis legally in Ontario is through the online Ontario Cannabis Store.

The provincial government has issued several licences for cannabis stores to legally open by this spring, but Windsor has not received one yet.

On January 22, Windsor councillors approved having recreational cannabis stores in the city by a vote of 8-3.

None of the allegations has been proven in court.