40 Days of Life launches petition against WRH ‘safe zone’

A photo courtesy of 40 Days of Life petition.

A group that protests abortion has launched its own petition now over a request to create a 150 metre “safe zone” around Windsor Regional Hospital.

So far, 1,846 people have signed the online petition to allow protesters to carry signs in front of the hospital. The goal is to get 2,500 signatories.

40 Days for Life started its campaign on March 6 and plans to continue protesting until April 17, or until the hospital is granted permission to enact the zone which will force participants to demonstrate further down Tecumseh Road East.

Windsor Regional Hospital has not yet applied for the zone under the Safe Access to Abortion Act.  Officials there have said they are only studying it so far. It was urged to apply by the group, Feminists in Action, which launched its petition last month.

Lauren Crowley and Julie Edwards, which head Feminists in Action, told BlackburnNews.com women who are going to the hospital to seek an abortion, or any other service should not have to face protesters. However, 40 Days for Life said it supports the right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion “which includes the rights of individuals representing 40 Days for Life to stand in the public right-of-way outside Windsor Regional Hospital, Metropolitan Campus in order to share its message.”

The petition said the group is a peaceful form of community outreach and participants “agree to a code of conduct outlined in a formal Statement of Peace. They do not harass or obstruct anyone entering or exiting the hospital complex at any point.”