High waves in Leamington cause flooding June 27, 2015. (Photo courtesy of Franny Gaudreau)

Lake Erie shore could be dangerous until Thursday

If you live along the Lake Erie shore, the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) wants you to be careful and stay safe.

The ERCA advises there is a possibility of lake ice being pushed onshore due to shifting wind. It also said that waves and spray will make already slippery and icy conditions along the Lake Erie shoreline worse.

“People should take extra caution to avoid rivers, lakes, ditches, streams, and ponds,” the ERCA said in a statement issued Tuesday. “Flowing water and standing water can be extremely hazardous. Any remaining ice cover on the waterways will be unstable and dangerous. A combination of slippery banks, moving/melting ice and cold water is particularly dangerous. People should keep children, pets, and livestock away from ice-covered waterways and areas of flowing and standing water.”

Current forecasts are predicting gusty winds of 60 kilometres per hour Tuesday night and on Wednesday. These winds are expected to diminish late Wednesday night.

There is also the potential for localized ponding because of ice blockages and additional rain forecasted for the region. This advisory is in effect until 10 a.m. on Thursday.