Photo by Adelle Loiselle

UWindsor crime stats are up

Campus police at the University of Windsor are busier now than they have been since 2015.

Annual reports showed that most of their crime statistics have gone up since 2015. Campus officers received 130 more service calls from 2017 to last year and had to handle 60 more reports of criminal offences in 2018 than the previous year. Data also showed that service calls have been steadily rising over the last four school years.

Reports of crimes against property went up by almost 70 last year and have been increasing for several years while reports of crimes against persons have stayed relatively the same. However, reports of drug offences have been going down since 2015.

The stats showed that most reports are filed in the afternoon with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday being the busiest days. They showed that November was the busiest month for crime reports in both 2017 and 2018.

University of Windsor campus police have 23 special constables providing policing and security services to the University of Windsor and all of its surrounding properties, including the downtown properties consisting of the School of Social Work and Centre for Executive and Professional Education at Ferry and Pitt Streets, and the School of Creative Arts at the former Windsor Armouries and Tunnel BBQ sites.

The full reports can be reviewed here.