St. Clair College once again outperforms most other Ontario colleges

St. Clair College main campus. ( file photo by Adelle Loiselle)

If you are a St. Clair College student, chances are you are quite pleased with your education.

St. Clair College has exceeded the provincial average in key performance indicators again and ranked number one in Southwestern Ontario colleges for student satisfaction. It is the fifth year in a row for the honour. St. Clair College scored 78 per cent in student satisfaction, which exceeds the provincial average of 73.4 per cent and ranks in the top five of the 24 Ontario colleges. St. Clair also ranks in the top five colleges in the province for student satisfaction, knowledge and skills, learning experiences, services and facilities-resources.

“We are extremely pleased with our 2017-2018 KPI results, most of which saw us retain our ‘top five’ satisfaction ranking in the provincial college system among both students and graduates,” said St. Clair College President Patti France. “The student-related results are indicative of the exceptional dedication of our faculty and staff, the quality of our curriculum, and the assistance provided by the many academic and non-academic services at the college.”

The college also said it is pleased with the increase in the Graduate Employment Rate from 84.0 per cent in 2016-2017 to 87.2 per cent in 2017-2018, which again exceeds the provincial average.

“The favourable opinion rendered by current students is confirmed by the excellent KPI results pertaining to our graduates, who are enjoying high employment rates with extremely satisfied employers,” France added.