UPDATE: Fatalities after gunman opens fire in a California bar

(A photo of the inside of Borderline Bar & Grill from www.borderlinebarandgrill.com)

There are reports of multiple fatalities after a gunman opened fire inside a bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

The L.A. Times has quoted witnesses describe panic inside as some customers hid in the bathrooms and others used bar stools to break windows.

The Sheriff’s office is reporting that 13 people are dead, including a police officer during an exchange of gunfire with the suspect. More than a dozen other people were also injured during the shooting.

NBC News has identified the police officer killed as Sergeant Ron Healus, a 29-year veteran who was looking to retire next year.

The gunman is among the fatalities.  The Washington Post has identified him as a 28-year-old man named Ian David Long.

Hundreds of patrons were inside Borderline Bar & Grill at the time for a college night event.

Thousand Oaks, is about 40 miles from Los Angeles.