Photo from CBRE sale listing.

MPP wants residents consulted on sale of Windsor Jail

One MPP wants the community to be consulted before the old Windsor Jail is sold.

Windsor West MPP Lisa Gretzky spoke at the old jail site today, demanding that the Ford government speak with area residents and stakeholders before a sale takes place. Gretzky wants to ensure the building is repurposed in a way beneficial to the community.

“Constituents have approached me with concerns that this historic building was falling into disrepair because the province wasn’t ensuring that it was properly maintained,” said Gretzky. “I was passed to the Ministry of Government and Consumer services, but never received a response – and now, without any warning, the old jail is for sale.”

Gretzky said she inquired multiple times to different departments about what would happen to the old jail, and was given no warning it was going up for sale.

 The jail went up for public sale Oct. 24 for just $1. There have been no bids yet for the building and land, and the city has not decided if they’ll take it.

“There have been many ideas about what to do with the building – ultimately the residents of Sandwich Towne and Windsor need to be involved so that final product is something that residents can benefit from, and can be proud of,” said Gretzky.

Gretzky links to a petition on her website, asking the provincial government to confer with west end residents before any sale takes place.

According to the MLS listing, the parking lot of nearby Mackenzie Hall is included in the sale. Gretzky has expressed concerns about the impact the loss of parking would have on the hall’s ability to run their community programming.

The jail is 97 years old and has been empty since 2014 when its doors closed. The building and land total more than 33,000 sq. ft.

Offers will not be reviewed until Nov. 23, after a 30-day waiting period has ended.