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Windsor ranks high on Canada’s dangerous cities list

On the Maclean’s list of Canada’s most dangerous cities, Windsor ranks 51st overall.

Nestled between Moncton, N.B. and Timmins, Ont. on the list, Windsor’s 2019 crime severity index is a 95. In 2012, it was less than 90. Canada’s average this year is less than 71, making Windsor rank 51st for crime severity. The rankings are based on 2017 data, released June 2018.

With 3 homicides and almost 750 assaults in 2017, Windsor is at an 87 on the violent crime severity index, ranking all crimes deemed violent. That puts the city sitting 64th out of all ranked Canadian cities. There were almost 180 sexual assaults, but only 10 firearms related offences.

The crime severity index was developed in 2004 to better represent Canadian crime rates, allowing for more violent offences to hold a higher weight than offences such as petty theft.

The 1,550 break and enters only resulted in 239 robberies. While Windsor’s robbery rate (106.53) has gone down, it is significantly higher than the Canadian average of 60.09. There were more than 900 incidences of fraud in 2017, more than the 2012 data set.

Windsor’s youth crime rate has decreased, with just 29 incidents in 2017. The rate of cannabis related offences was more than 100 higher than the national rate, but will not be a factor on the rankings five years from now.

Other cities and towns in Windsor-Essex rank much lower on the crime rankings list:

149: Leamington
224: Lakeshore
226: Tecumseh
229: LaSalle
230: Kingsville
231: Essex

The full details, including rankings sorting by the five-year change in crime and by specific offences can be found online.