UPDATED: Cannabis store raided, closed for investigation

The Compassion House calls itself a source for compassion products. Photo from Facebook.

A cannabis store in Windsor’s west end has been raided.

The Compassion House has allegedly been selling marijuana out of its storefront at Tecumseh Road West and Church Street.

Sold in small plastic bags, Compassion House sales had stamped logos and handwritten names for different kinds.

Police said they raided the store under a warrant Nov. 6 around 5 p.m. Five people have been arrested and boxes of pot were removed for evidence.

The Compassion House, run by local pot activist Leo Lucier, is now closed for the investigation.

Lucier went to Windsor police headquarters Nov. 7 to turn himself in, saying he’d gladly serve jail time if it meant standing up for what he felt was right.

The business made local headlines at the end of October after it helped fill the Windsor Home Coalition’s food bank shelves.

The only way to purchase cannabis legally in Ontario is through the online Ontario Cannabis Store. The provincial government says storefronts will be open by Spring 2019.

On Oct. 17, The Compassion House hosted a celebration of legalization, which served as a fundraiser for the Downtown Mission.