Sex offender Carl Leone coming back to Windsor

Cell bars (Photo by Maureen Revait,

The Parole Board of Canada is allowing a convicted sex offender to return to Windsor to live with his family.

According to a report in the Windsor Star, Carl Leone was granted full day parole on Friday, and he has indicated that intends to move back to the city.

The 43-year-old is serving an 18-year sentence for having unprotected sex with 15 victims between 1997 and 2004 without telling them that he was HIV positive. Five of his victims reported contracting the virus.

Leone was initially granted day parole in April of 2017, but due to the conditions of his parole, he was unable to move back to Windsor. The Star reports the parole board has since lifted that condition, along with another condition that prevented him from using the Intenet.

However, the current conditions of Leone’s release include having no direct or indirect contact with his victims, mandated reporting of all relationships to his parole officer, and refraining from using recreational drugs and alcohol. Hi is also unable to attend nightclub-type establishments and he must stay on his HIV medication.

Leone has been living in a halfway house since May of 2017 with no issues, according to parole officer Donna Novacich, who told told the Windsor Star that he has passed all his sexual offender programs is a “low-risk case” to re-offend.

While his sentence officially ends April 3, 2026, Leone will be eligible for full parole in April 2020.