Ontario Cannabis Store blames Canada Post for delivery delays

File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / SoruEpotok

The Ontario Cannabis Store is telling its customers staff are working around the clock to fill orders, but delivery will be delayed for some people.

The OCS website has processed more than 150,000 orders since cannabis was legalized on October 17. It received more orders than all the other provinces combined, it said in a release to the media Thursday.

It said it has enough product to fill the orders, but demand has been “unbelievably high”, rotating strikes at Canada Post, and a backlog at Canada Post have held up delivery for some orders.

“Many first-day customers will continue to see delivery times that are longer than anticipated,” read the release. “With over 9,000 Canada Post workers off the job in the GTA over the past week in rolling strikes, as well as Canada Post receiving a limited number of orders, delivery times could be further impacted as the backlog at Canada Post continues to pile up.”

Ontario’s cannabis supplier said it is working with Canada Post to alleviate the backlog, and has taken steps to add additional capacity at its processing facility. More staff have been added to also answer calls to the customer service line.

Some customers have also reported their pre-authorization credit card charges have disappeared, said OCS. It reassures those customers the order has not been cancelled, but is in progress and the final payment is being processed.

“We continue to ask for the public’s patience as we work through these unprecedented issues,” said OCS President Patrick Ford. “We will continue to provide updates to the public.”