Unifor 444 not happy with plant shutdown next week

BlackburnNews.com file photo of Windsor Assembly. (Photo by Jason Viau)

The Windsor Assembly Plant will shut down next week.

Lou Ann Gosselin, a spokesperson for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, said the plant will be idle the week of October 29 to adjust inventories.

“Normal production schedules will resume the week of November 5,” she said.

That’s not sitting well with Unifor 444 President Dave Cassidy who said anytime there’s a layoff, it affects the workers and their families.

“No we are not happy because we have some junior employees that won’t get the top-up and we have our feeder plants that feed the Windsor Assembly Plant, they won’t get any top-up and on top of that they need to put in a week waiting time for their EI’s,” he said.

Cassidy said he’s not happy because these types of layoffs happen way too often.  He added that it’s not unusual to have small shutdowns here and there, but it’s still hard to swallow for workers and local shops because workers won’t spend as much.

“It’s something we have been used to for years and one of the downfalls is that people in Windsor-Essex that are employed there just won’t be spending the kind of money they usually do because they won’t be having a paycheck,” he said.

Cassidy said workers at the local feeder plants will also take a hit.

“We have a couple of feeder plants that produce for other companies but the majority of our feeder plants will be negatively affected for sure,” Cassidy said.