Tecumseh skate park reopens but mayor still miffed

BlackburnNews.com file photo. Tecumseh Skateboard Park.

The Tecumseh skate park has reopened following vandalism on October 7.

Council closed the park temporarily following the incident.

“We understand there are those who have questioned our response. This incident, combined with other instances of vandalism at Tecumseh facilities over the last couple of years left my council colleagues and I feeling that enough was enough,” said Gary McNamara, the mayor of Tecumseh. “Council approved a design that was free of art. Coming in the dark during the middle of the night with spray paint is vandalism, not art. Our decision to close the park was a direct result of the disrespect shown to a Town facility.”

The public was consulted and the park will now have artwork along the top edges of the bowl.

“The Skate Park was designed to be free of paint,” said Paul Anthony, director of parks & recreation services. “Cleaning the surface of the bowl can cause damage to the concrete which then impacts the use.”

The town is asking anyone who sees somebody causing damage to a municipal facility to call 911.

The OPP is still investigating the October 7 vandalism.

The Tecumseh skate park was built in 2014 behind Town Hall and near the OPP’s Tecumseh detachment. It sees an average of 40 to 50 users a day. It also connects to the trail system around the arena and adjacent streets.